World Class Surf Spots

Experts who do know the country and the surf sites agree that Nicaragua has a ton of world-class surf breaks. The current advantage is that most beaches are not crowded and only the most well-known areas can be somewhat congested. Nicaragua is a year-round surf destination.

Nicaragua possesses a couple of unique characteristics that make it an ever more interesting surf destination. In the south-central part of the country Lake Nicaragua covers a surface of more than 8,000 square kilometers, creating a huge, flat area where wind can constantly blow. And almost year-round it does. As a consequence, the southern Pacific side of Nicaragua receives almost constant offshore winds, and unlike virtually all other Pacific destinations the wind does not change during the day and the water is clean and good for surfing sometimes all day long. This wind is known as the Papagayo Wind and it is praised by surfers who come from all over the world to experience the local waves. Because of these winds the warm surface water is mixed with colder water from below, adding nutrients and causing a whole chain of reactions including increased algae growth, improved feeding grounds for smaller fish and ultimately resulting in the presence of marlin and sailfish, all due to the Papagayo wind. Other conditions that make Nicaragua an interesting surf destination include the wildlife that can be seen. Marine turtles, dolphins, and even whales can be seen when surfing the Pacific beaches. Traveling in this area is also a great activity, with many of the beaches being hidden by tree-covered cliffs forming stunning bays.

Surf Breaks near TaraVela

Asuchillo Beach Break

Beautiful beach break with ample A-frame peaks. Almond shaped barrels. Works well at virtually any size. This break is a perfect one for a chill day, and for less-experienced surfers, but can challenge even the best. Benefits from offshore winds 250+ days per year. 5 minutes ride from our Luxury Accommodations. Fun for all surfing abilities.

Hemmies (featured on the cover of Surfer Magazine)

Surfer Magazine listed it as one of the top 100 waves in the world. Hollow, FAST left point breaking over a shallow reef. Shallow, rocky and heavy, but arguably one of the best waves in all of Central America. Benefits from over 250 days of offshore Papagayo winds created by Nicaragua’s lakes. Expert only on a big swell.

Chiggers Right reef break.

Deep-water takeoff to a walling tube giving way to one of the best waves in the country. Benefits from over 250 days of offshore Papagayo winds created by Nicaragua’s lakes. Another incredible wave that can hold any size! Intermediate to advanced.