Our Rooms

All of our rooms at TaraVela are suites. There are four two-bedroom suites and eight single suites. You will enjoy having extra room to spread out and enjoy the view. Each room has a pull-out sofa bed for two extra places to sleep. Our rooms are air conditioned but we want to create the smallest eco-footprint possible so please keep that in mind. Relish the outdoor feel to our bathrooms, protected and private but open to the fresh air and sky. Our decks extend out over the incredible TaraVela Beach, where you can see for miles, safe a secure above the waves. All 12 beach front rooms have their own private covered courtyard right at beach level with a changing room, outdoor shower, and a place for all your valuables. Enjoy the special custom hanging bed to read and relax! Remember that your wish is our command. This is your vacation at TaraVela, have it exactly the way you want it.