Welcome to TaraVela

Our Style

TaraVela will be a sixteen room luxury boutique hotel situated on 13 pristine acres that embrace the dramatic beauty of the Pacific Coastline of Nicaragua. Each of our handcrafted suites are private sanctuaries with tropical courtyards finished with luxurious, minimalist furnishings. Private decks open on to an inspiring landscape of sugarcane, mountains, and panoramic ocean views. Our 30 meter infinity pool will sit at the ocean’s edge, giving an expansive view that infuses the sky with the sea. Rejuvenating spa treatments and health classes, savory dining, natural surroundings, and eight world-class surf breaks right at our doorstep allow each guest the opportunity to indulge in anything they desire.

Our Mission

The TaraVela “experience” will allow each guest to completely convene with nature and local culture on a beautiful beach in a tropically idyllic location. Our highest commitment is to be respectful of our surroundings and of the local customs, to be seen as a “conscious” resort, dedicated to improving the community and having a positive impact on the ecology and the local economy. We will provide a superior experience for our team members and especially for our guests. We are deeply committed to preserving Nicaragua’s delicate eco-system while still providing every creature comfort high-end travelers desire.

Our Beach

Walk for miles on the beautiful, expansive TaraVela beach. It will seem like you are on your own private beach. Take a wonderful horseback ride, go as far or as fast as you like. Ramp it up and catch some waves on your boogie board or surf the break right in front of TaraVela. Take our jet-ski tow to one of the most challenging waves in all of Central America, Hemmies, listed as one of the top 100 waves in the world, all just minutes from TaraVela.

Our Nica

The New York Times list of “Best Travel Destinations” for 2013 ranked Nicaragua third out of forty-six select destinations. The cover article of the New York Times travel edition lists Nicaragua as “the” up and coming tourist destination and has been featured as the new “it place” in countless publications.

Nicaragua is on the cusp of a virtual tourism explosion. The country has 7% of the world’s biodiversity which attracts countless eco-conscious travelers, not to mention nine active volcanoes, beautiful inland lakes, world class surfing, and exceptional scuba diving. Our Nica is the place to visit, the place to invest, the place to play in Central America and TaraVela will offer it all.


Our Rooms

Welcome to your private sanctuary. Enjoy the solitude. Take a peaceful walk on the beach or join in all the activities. Surf, swim, do yoga, Pilates, participate in our special beach blast workout, have a massage or a special facial treatment using ancient Nicaraguan ingredients. Enjoy our signature “sunset cocktail” at the El Machete Bar or have a cozy drink on your own beautiful private beach deck. Join us for locally sourced gourmet meals in Pablo’s Restaurant, have it bought to you in your own private courtyard, or have it served to you right on the beach. Your wish is our command. This is your vacation at TaraVela, have it exactly the way you want it.

Invest in TaraVela

Nica is poised for explosive growth. Costa Rica and Panama have seen more than a ten-fold rise in property values over the last 15 years. Nica is next. Experts have estimated that TaraVela will increase more than 4-fold in value by its fifth year of operations thanks to the tourism boom and the new canal.
Please fill out the form below for a password to access this confidential area. See our architectural plans, our business plan and projections, see how to become an equity partner, purchase one of only four exclusive beach suites, fund construction through our crowd funding partners or become our debt financing partner, This is the chance to catch the first wave of high-end development in Nicaragua and to help create a new category, a new style, and a new private resort,
TaraVela…Where the Stars Meet the Sea.

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Our Looks

Diversity, diversity, diversity. Walk or ride along the beautiful, unspoiled, vast open beaches. Travel to colonial cities, see the 9 active volcanoes, the inland lakes, scuba dive in the Caribbean. Enjoy world class surfing and local, organic cuisine. Here are some images of this magical place. Come, explore, become part of this wonderful country, part of our NICA. TaraVela brings it all to you!






Meet the TaraVela Team

Paul Welterlen

Paul will serve as CFO overseeing all business, financial and investor relations at TaraVela Resort LLC

Barbara Kellner

Barbara will be our guest services and aesthetics manager. She will ensure that every creature comfort is in place and that guests receive only the highest quality service and attention to detail

Towe Wang

Towe will serve as COO in charge of operations. He will also be the General Manager of TaraVela Resort, making sure your stay is everything you want it to be